As we get older, the way we travel changes.

We enjoy spending more time in an area, place an emphasis on comfort, good food and an agreeable temperature and a variety of activities that come with little risk of bones breaking! As you’re travelling solo, affordability and safety aren’t just desired, they’re necessary.

Bearing all of this in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite destinations for over-50 solo travellers – it’s time to start breathing life into the adventures you’ve always dreamt of!



Often skipped as a solo travel destination due to a bad reputation for petty-theft and street crime in the cities, Spain is actually great for travelling alone. Over the last couple of years, the cities have really cleaned up, so visitors need only to follow standard safety precautions.

Travelling around the country is easy, thanks to a top-notch public transport system – there are several trains, buses and flights connecting major cities every day.

Travellers to Spain can also enjoy a thriving nightlife (if you want to get to know the locals, hold off on dinner until after 9pm – only tourists eat before then), where drinks are enjoyed with local dishes including small tapas or a bowl full of paella.

Spain enjoys fairly dry weather year-round, with very hot summers in the south and cold, snowy winters in the north.



This destination used to fly under the radar in terms of tourism, however in recent years we’ve seen tourism in Croatia boom, making it a great solo travel destination where you won’t have to worry about not meeting other travellers.

Don’t worry if sailing around the islands doesn’t interest you, there are plenty of other activities for you to enjoy! From natural beauties including countless white-sand beaches, underground caverns, magnificent waterfalls and of course the majestic Dinaric Alps; to the historical and cultural sites including castles, medieval ruins, museums and Gothic and Renaissance architecture, there is definitely something that will pique your interest in this slice of Mediterranean heaven!

As for food, with so many fresh ingredients available from both land and sea, you’ll never be far from a fresh meal, whether it be enjoyed at a local family-run tavern or a fine dining establishment.



Don’t let the bad reputation convince you that Bolivia is unsafe; with a little common sense and precaution, almost all travellers return home from Bolivia with only positive experiences.

While it’s not the destination to venture to if you’re after a suntan, Bolivia will surprise you with its mind-blowing scenery made up of snow-capped mountains, active volcanoes and moon-like valleys.

Travelling around Bolivia is surprisingly easy, with plenty of buses, vans, trains and flights available daily to whisk you to different corners of this South American gem.



While stepping foot in Vietnam can be a little intimidating as you become usurped by motorcycles in every which direction, there’s an already-established tourist trail that covers all of the country’s main sites.

Thanks to the tourist trail (which covers Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta), travelling solo in Vietnam is not stressful and meeting other travellers is easy.

There are also plenty of activities to partake in along the trail too, ranging from kayaking Ha Long Bay, visiting the Imperial City in Hue, creating custom-made clothing in Hoi An and taking a Sampan ride through the Mekong Delta.

South Africa


Ever imagined venturing off on a solo road trip? South Africa could be the perfect destination for you! Known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’, South Africa harnesses a mix of African culture and chic cities with a turbulent past.

While South Africa has a reputation for bad safety and high crime, most of this takes place within the townships. The tourist areas are much safer, however you should still take precautions when travelling.

Unlike other parts of the world, South Africa attracts an older traveller demographic, making it easier for you to find a group of like-minded travellers to venture with.

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