It’s discovery by the dozen with Globus and our wide collection of coach tours! Whether you want to wander off-the-beaten path or wonder at iconic sights, make new friends on tour or simply savour being in the moment on your own, we have the perfect style to suit you. Since Globus is a one-stop-shop for every type of holiday you can imagine, take a read of our easy guide to find out your style of coach tour. 

1. The Classic Tour 

Group of travellers

You can’t go wrong with a classic Globus coach tour. We have the nuts and bolts down to a fine art after 90 years of creating tours for travellers around the world. Classic doesn’t mean boring, either! These are perfect for those who want to experience several cities in one perfectly planned trip, complete with all the must-see sights (with VIP access at some), a sprinkle of local favourites and of course, your expert Tour Director. Our classic holidays have the largest range of destinations – from Africa to Europe, to Asia and North America.  

2. Choice Touring by Globus 

Choice Touring by Globus is one of our newer types of coach touring. In addition to guided sightseeing at the must-see sights, we have included a variety of YourChoice excursions available in select cities along the way. YourChoice excursions are curated experiences designed to cater to your interests and best of all, they’re included in the tour price! Love to tour but fancy a bit more freedom? Then Choice Touring is for you. There are 13 tours on offer in Europe and North America. 

3. Off-season Escapes 

If you happen to be travelling during Europe or North America’s off-season (November – March), an Escapes by Globus tour features all the workings of a classic tour at up to 40% less! Temperatures are cooler, there are fewer crowds and more bargains to be had so don’t overlook travelling during this period. 

4. Faith-Based Holidays 

St Peter's Basilica

These are increasing in popularity each year, and we can certainly see why! There are some truly spectacular religious sites out there, so we have crafted a range of uplifting itineraries around these. Follow in the footsteps of saints and religious history and be inspired.  

5. Cruise & Tour 


There are just some places in the world that are best explored by water. From Greece to New England, see the world by land sea with us on a cruise and tour holiday. 

6. Small-Group Discoveries 

Horse riding

While our tours usually average around 44 guests, you may be after a more intimate group to travel with. On a Small-Group Discovery holiday, you’ll explore the world with just 20 – 24 other like-minded travellers. This is available on all Australia, New Zealand, South America, Asia and Africa holidays, and select Europe and North America holidays.  

7. Independence by Globus 

Woman on bike

Brand new for 2023, Independence by Globus caters for the individual spirit who is happy to see, eat and do on their own. You’re in charge of planning your day, however our team of travel experts are on hand 24/7 to offer any assistance you may need (for example, suggesting the best local restaurant for dinner).  

8. Undiscovered Tours 

As the name suggests, an Undiscovered tour features hidden gems that you might be unsure of how to get to, or that you might not have even heard of before! Let us take you to the smaller, but equally incredible, towns and charming locales for a fascinating insight into Europe and North America. 

9. Private Touring 

Travel group

Do you wish you could tour with all your favourite people? We have the answer! Private Touring gives you the chance to hand-pick who you’ll travel with. Then you can choose and customise any published Europe tour for a special price, ready for you and your group to discover an exciting destination! 

10. Special Events 

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

North America certainly knows how to put on a celebration, and this is your opportunity to experience one! From Pasadena’s Tournament of Roses Parade to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, make your holiday that little bit extra special.  

11. Rail Journeys 

Rocky Mountaineer train

Step back in time to the days of train travel, combined with a coach tour in Europe, North America, Australia or India. Travelling by train affords you magnificent panoramas, all enjoyed from the comfort of your seat. Check out the different rail journeys you can experience with us here

12. Cosmos Tours 

Woman traveller

If you’re more of a budget-savvy traveller, our sister brand – Cosmos – has an impressive range of tours around the world that won’t break the bank. We have over 50 years of experience creating affordable holidays, so you know you’ll be in safe hands. 

No matter what kind of a traveller you are, Globus has the travel style to match every wayfarer, wanderer and wallet. Choose an extraordinary journey across the globe with us by clicking here

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