In light of World Pasta Day this month, there is no time like the present to wrap your taste buds around these six mouthwatering pasta dishes from various regions around Italy.  

1. Spaghetti alla Puttanesca 

Spaghetti alla puttanesca
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Region: Campania 

Includes: Naples, Amalfi Coast 

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Spaghetti alla Puttanesca is one of Naples’ most famous pasta dishes. What we love about it is that it’s one of those ‘throw together’ meals, featuring a combination of anchovies, olives, tomatoes, garlic and capers simmered together to create a real umami flavour bomb. 

2. Cacio e Pepe 

Cacio e pepe
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Region: Lazio 

Includes: Rome, Castel Gandolfo 

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Literally translated to cheese and pepper, this is all that you could ever want (or need) in a pasta! By adding butter and a small amount of pasta, you have a mouthwatering Lazio specialty. Linguine, spaghetti and bucatini are common types of pasta used for cacio e pepe.  

3. Tortelli di Zucca 

Tortelli di Zucca
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Region: Lombardy 

Includes: Milan, Como 

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Picture juicy pockets of tortelli, filled with a roasted pumpkin or butternut squash, giving them a vibrant orange colour when you take that first bite. Serve tortelli di zucca with a sage butter sauce and grana Padano cheese, and you have one of Lombardy’s finest dishes. 

4. Ciceri a Tria 

Ciceri a Tria
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Region: Puglia 

Includes: Bari, Alberobello, Lecce 

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Utilising a different kind of protein to the norm, ciceri a tria features the humble chickpea with long strands of tagliatelle in a tomato and carrot-based sauce. Some of the tagliatelle is fried and used as a crispy garnish, completing a delightful vegetarian dish.  

5. Pasta alla Norma 

Pasta alla norma
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Region: Sicily 

Includes: Palermo, Taormina, Agrigento 

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Sicily is well-known for their food and pasta alla norma is no exception. Tapping into its Mediterranean roots, fresh eggplants are roasted then simmered in a tomato and basil sauce. Traditionally served with rigatoni, we guarantee you’ll be coming back for seconds! 

6. Pasta alla Norcina 

Pasta alla norcina
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Region: Umbria 

Includes: Assisi, Orvieto 

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Umbria is one of the top regions in Italy for truffles. Black or white truffle shavings adorn pasta alla norcina, made with penne or rigatoni coated in a decadent white cream sauce with sausages, pecorino cheese and onions.  

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