As we enter the last month of the year, we are planning our next travel adventures! Check out these seven hot destinations to add to your bucket list for 2023.   

1. Marrakech, Morocco 

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There’s no doubt about it, Morocco is a hot country. That’s why we have Escapes by Globus. This range of holidays travel during the off-season of the Northern Hemisphere for those who want to experience fewer crowds and cooler days. This time of year is perfect to discover Marrakech, a city designed to invigorate all five senses. The locals are friendly, their souks are treasure troves, and the local cuisine is to die for.  

Experience a Moroccan Escape with Escapes by Globus. 

2. Montecatini, Italy 

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Set in the heart of Tuscany between Lucca and Florence, Montecatini is legendary for its healing thermal waters. In true Italian style, the hillside town also has architectural and culinary delights just waiting to be discovered! Unpack once and settle in for 7 nights in this hot destination, with day trips to neighbouring bustling cities and charming towns. This holiday is one for the foodies to add to their bucket list for 2023!  

Experience Montecatini on this Gourmet Tuscany tour with Cosmos. 

3. Belgrade, Serbia 

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Fondly known as the ‘Paris of the East’, Belgrade is coming in hot as an exciting destination for 2023. The capital city of Serbia is rugged yet beautiful, and relatively untouched. Picture street art, a heavily meat-oriented specialties, a fun night life and that sums up Belgrade.  

Experience Belgrade with Avalon or Cosmos

4. Hiroshima, Japan 

Hiroshima Peace Memorial
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While Hiroshima marks one of Japan’s worst moments in its history, it has since rebuilt itself to stand stronger than ever. There is so much to learn about that fateful August 1945 date, from the stark Atomic Bomb Dome to the fascinating Peace Memorial Museum. Aside from this, there are a wide variety of things to see, do and eat within the city and nearby. Our favourites are the nearby Miyajima Island with its floating torii gate, and Okonomi-mura, a building featuring multiple levels and stalls selling okonomiyaki (a savoury pancake).  

Experience Hiroshima with Independence by Globus or Cosmos

5. Galway, Ireland 

Reel by @ytravelblog on our Choice Touring Green with Envy holiday

It’s time to add some shenanigans to your bucket list for 2023! And there’s no better place to do this than in Galway. Described as having a bohemian vibe, the Irish city plays host to exciting festivals, toe-tapping live music and eclectic markets. Add a Choice Touring holiday to your bucket list: offering travellers the chance to choose their excursions in select cities, like Galway! For example, you can jump on an insider’s foodie tour or enjoy a stroll through the city to learn about its history and culture. 

Experience Galway on this Green with Envy: Ireland by Design tour with Globus. 

6. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador 

Galapagos tortoise
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For an out-of-this-world bucket list holiday, make your way to the Galápagos Islands. There is no place on earth like these treasured islands, filled with an abundance of wildlife and scenery. You can sit back and relax, or you can be as active as you wish, so it is a perfect destination for all travellers.  

Experience the Galápagos Islands with Avalon or with Independence by Globus

7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

Ho Chi Minh street food
Photo by @zhouyd1981on Instagram

For first timers to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon) is the perfect city to start in. Dive straight into the hustle and bustle of chaotic traffic, peaceful temples, and deliciously cheap local specialties. There is a lot to Ho Chi Minh City itself however, it is also a great gateway to places like the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Mekong Delta.  

Experience Ho Chi Minh with Avalon, Globus or Cosmos.  

So, which of these hot destinations will you add to your bucket list for 2023? Come and discover a hot new destination with Globus and Cosmos tours, and Avalon Waterways river cruises! 

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