Turkey is a wondrous country. Sitting smack bang in the middle of Asia and Europe, Turkey has a storied history that has seen varied influences come and go on its shores. Its most powerful reign was during the Ottoman Empire where it took over much of North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. From this rose the famous Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who led the resistance and saw the downfall of the Ottoman Empire. A treaty was signed between Turkey and the Allies in 1922, and the Turkey you see nowadays was developed.  

Turkey is full of brilliant tradition and culture, making it a popular destination for travellers from around the world. Here’s why you should add Turkey to your 2024 bucket list.  

The cost 

Turkey is one of the cheapest, and most budget-friendly, countries to travel to within the Mediterranean area. There is an abundance of cheap alternatives available (from accommodation to meals), as well as well-priced, high-end options – perfect for curating your perfect holiday within your budget! 

The food 

Gooey künefe deliciousness
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Turkey is much more than just kebabs and baklava! Your tastebuds will be taken on an adventure in Turkey, covering all bases from sweet and savoury, meat and vegetarian offerings, and food and drink.  

Turkish breakfast
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Delight in fresh seafood, moreish kofte (meatballs), soft pides (flatbreads), decadent künefe (a baked dessert cheese), and tasty manti (dumplings). Our favourite is enjoying a traditional breakfast spread, a delicious reason as to why you should Turkey to your 2024 bucket list. Served with hot Turkish tea and coffee, you’ll dive into a feast of eggs, bread, olives, cheese, salad, yoghurt, honey, fruit, cucumber, tomatoes and more! Long lunch? Think long breakfast, perfect to kickstart your day.  

The beaches 

Erenkuş beach at Antalya
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With the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas lapping at its western shores, it’s no wonder this coastline has earned the nickname ‘Turquoise Coast’. This area is partial to warm, sunny days from spring right through to autumn, calling all beach lovers from near and far. Two nights in both Antalya and Izmir are featured on our Globus Turkish Delight tour, both renowned for their pristine beaches.  

The Turkish baths tradition 

Turkish bath
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Get ready to experience the world-famous Turkish baths tradition, otherwise known as a hammam. Adapted from the Roman bath concept, the hammam is interwoven in the culture of Turkey which combines a cleansing and relaxing aspect. Begin by entering a public bathhouse, a beautiful architectural affair, before enjoying a scrub and massage.  

The history 

Blue Mosque
The interior of the Blue Mosque
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The history of Turkey is filled with a myriad of empires and civilisations with its location being right in the middle of Asia and Europe. Turkey features palaces, mosques, bazaars, bath houses and temples. You’ll come across a range of different architectural styles and reasons behind these sights, culminating in one of the most diverse countries in Europe.  

Library of Celsus, Ephesus
The Library of Celsus
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Take the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ephesus, for example. Founded in the 10th century BC, Ephesus is one of the most well-preserved Roman cities in the Mediterranean. From the Temple of Artemis (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World) to its Library of Celsus (the third-largest library in the ancient world, dating back to 123 AD), you’ll be glad to visit it on both our Globus Turkish Escape and Turkish Delight tours.  

The welcoming locals 

Renowned for their hospitality, Turkish locals are some of the most welcoming you will ever meet on your travels. Due to its location, there is a wonderful diversity and mix of cultures present and you can’t help but share a smile with locals. You may be lucky enough to be offered a Turkish tea and sweet treat when out and about or be drawn into friendly conversation with shop owners.  

The shopping 

Grand Bazaar, Turkey
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It wouldn’t be a trip to Turkey without shopping ‘til you drop. Its bazaar culture is one-of-a-kind, central to daily life, and Istanbul’s Grand and Spice Bazaars are world-famous. You’ll find fresh produce, clothes, and household items amongst these alleyways, a real feast for the senses. Turkey is also well-known for its rugs, colourful glass lamps and painted pottery. You may need to buy an extra suitcase to fit all your purchases!  

Embark on a fascinating journey to Turkey with Globus, on either our brand new 14-day Turkish Delight tour, or 8-day off-season Turkish Escape tour.  

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