While summer is often touted as the best time to travel, keep in mind that the ‘best time’ is purely subjective to the traveller. The landscapes that Ireland are so well known for are still beautifully lush and green during the off-peak times of year, complete with delicious seasonal food and fewer crowds at the country’s beloved sights. Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at why you should plan a trip to Ireland during the off-peak season. 

Mild temperatures 

Autumn leaves in Dublin
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While Ireland can have a lot of rain at this time of year, it’s not uncommon to find the same across the UK and Europe as well! The location of Ireland means it has fairly mild autumns and winters with average temperatures ranging between 9 – 16° Celsius in autumn, and 3 – 9° Celsius in winter. There’s something special about rugging up on a crisp day and enjoying a hot Irish coffee or visiting a cosy pub.  

Better deals  

To make your hard-earned money go further, the off-peak season has great deals to take advantage of. Airfares, accommodation, and travel-related activities across Ireland are generally cheaper during this period.  

Fewer travellers 

Giant's Causeway
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Summer will always draw the majority of travellers to Ireland which in turn, means more people on the ground exploring the Emerald Isle. Planning a trip to Ireland during the off-peak season means it will be easier to get around the big cities like Dublin and Belfast, charming towns like Adare, and iconic landmarks like the Giant’s Causeway, as well as getting from A to B.  

Seasonal food and drink 

Irish stew
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We love to settle into a cosy pub for a hearty Irish stew or Shepherd’s pie at any time of the year, however we also love to check out what’s in season during these cooler times of year! Game meat is plentiful so you can try wild venison or rabbit, and spring lamb; wild mushrooms make an appearance; and now is a great time to order fish on the menu (like hake and lemon sole) as colder waters mean a firmer flesh and better flavours.  

Autumn and winter activities 

Galway at Christmas
Galway at Christmas
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One of the best things about travelling through Ireland during the off-peak season is that most of the landmarks are still open to discover. You won’t be missing out on stepping back in time at Blarney Castle or drinking in the panoramic views at the Cliffs of Moher; easily ticking off the places that you’ve only ever dreamt of. You also won’t fall short of various cultural events on offer! Depending on what your hobbies and passions, you could plan your trip to coincide with the Dublin Theatre Festival, Savour Kilkenny Food Festival, Belfast Comedy Festival or the sparkling Christmas markets.  

Better availability 

The off-peak season tends to bring greater flexibility and availability when planning your day-to-day itinerary, restaurants to dine at and hotels to stay in. Been eyeing up a Michelin-starred restaurant to indulge in? No worries, you’ll have a better chance of securing a booking.  

Escapes by Globus 

Trinity College
Trinity College during autumn
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Still featuring all the perks of a classic Globus tour, Escapes by Globus travels during the off-peak season so you can experience the world with fewer crowds and milder temperatures at a fraction of the price! Our 7-day Irish Escape tour is an ideal introduction to the Emerald Isle for first-time visitors who have limited time or can slot this in amongst a greater itinerary through the UK or Europe.  

Keen to travel during the off-peak season? Check out our full ranges of Escapes by Globus tours today.  

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