Konnichiwa! World-famous for their on-time rail system, storied history, mouth-wateringly good cuisine, and special customs, Japan is a traveller’s paradise. So, what season should you visit Japan in? 

Spring: March – May  

Cherry blossoms, Japan
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The weather during the spring season in Japan is absolute perfection. It is a wonderful combination of warm and dry, however spring is heaving with travellers and locals alike. Cherry blossom (sakura) season is one of Japan’s most loved (and therefore, busiest) times of year. Cherry blossom trees first begin to bloom in the south (Hiroshima can bask in full bloom glory by the first week of April) before the delicate pink blooms appear further north. You’ll see plenty of hanami (flower viewing) parties ranging from casual picnics in the park with friends and family to the larger Ueno Sakura Festival.  

Once May begins, we would recommend avoiding travel in Japan during Golden Week. The first week of May has four national holidays with locals travelling across the country to be with family. Accommodation and restaurants are harder to come by and more expensive. 

Summer: June – August  

Japan lanterns
Lanterns lit up for Obon festival
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Summer in Japan is extremely hot and humid. However, this does depend on where you are as Alpine areas and northern Japan can be more temperate. Also bear in mind that the month of June has its own name – minazuku, which translates to ‘month of rain’. Indoor activities, like museums, are plentiful and better suited to avoid downpours! 

Summer is a busy time in Japan, but for good reason. Its coastal areas have good beaches to cool off at, and there are an exciting range of festivals to attend. You may be lucky enough to see incredible fireworks displays in one of Japan’s larger cities, or offerings of lanterns, food and dance during certain festivals

Autumn: September – November  

Mt Fuji in autumn
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As the weather starts to cool down, autumn begins. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, it’s a fantastic season for hiking and cycling activities without the heat and humidity of summer. As you may know, Japan is renowned for its tranquil parks, temples and castles, made even more magical with fiery leaf colours making an appearance. As with many other Northern Hemisphere countries, October is typically harvesting season so you can indulge in juicy persimmons and fresh chestnuts.  

Winter: December – February 

Shirakawago in winter
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Calling all snow bunnies! Hokkaido is your dream winter landscape, full of towering mountains with fluffy ‘pow’ (powder). We think winter is the best season to partake in one of Japan’s best traditions – onsen. These mineral-rich hot springs are perfect to warm up in and relax your muscles after a day on the mountain. There aren’t many celebrations held during winter except for Christmas (where KFC is a traditional Japanese dinner!) and Lunar New Year in late January or early February.  

No matter the season, Japan has plenty to offer travellers with all kinds of interests. Discover the Land of the Rising Sun on a Globus or Cosmos tour.  

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