What season should you visit France in? From buttery croissants to blooming lavender fields, read on to find on what a year in France is like.  

Spring: March – May 

Strasbourg blooms in spring
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Spring heralds a new season, as well as warmer weather. Depending on the region you’re in, you’ll bear witness to fresh wildflowers, some unpredictable (but short) showers, fruit trees in bloom and cities and towns slowly coming back to life after a winter hibernation. Spring is a wonderful time of year to visit as it isn’t too busy with tourists. There are some fun events on as well, like one of Paris Fashion Week’s biannual shows and the iconic Cannes Film Festival.  

Summer: June – August 

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As with most European countries, summer is the most popular season to visit France in with soaring temperatures and sunshine. If you can, try and travel in June before local schools finish their school year. For a quintessential Provence experience, the region’s lavender fields are in full bloom creating a sea of purple with their discernible scent in July. July also sees through the Tour de France and Bastille Day, France’s national holiday. While August sees many French locals head away and shut down their businesses, it is still a popular time to travel being the driest month of the year.  

Autumn: September – November 

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Autumn is a beautiful season no matter where you are in the world, however France seems to embody it with a certain joie de vivre that is only found here. With ideal temperatures, we love seeing the different shades of autumn as the leaves start to change colour across the country. This time of year typically signals vendange, the annual grape harvest. Vineyards across the country are busy making sure that their harvest comes at the perfect time in order to produce delightful wines for the future. 

Winter: December – February 

Colmar at Christmas time
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Despite the winter chill in the air, there is still an undeniable warmth in France thanks to the glorious festive season, hearty meals on offer and affordability during this off-season period. From the end of November, cities, towns and villages come alive with Christmas markets. Twinkling lights, the heady scent of candied chestnuts and merriment bring joy and laughter across France. And what better way to round off your day than with one of France’s good-for-the-soul meals to keep you warm – from boeuf bourguignon and coq au vin, to chocolate soufflé and crème brûlée, there is something to suit every taste.  

All in all, there is no one best season to visit France. It is certainly an all-year round country so pick your favourite season and go! Visit France and all its delights on a Globus or Cosmos tour, or an Avalon Waterways river cruise.  

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