In July, Cassie – part of our Customer Sales team in Australia – took a trip to the Apple Isle of Tasmania on our Globus ‘Rugged Tasmania’ tour. 

If you are looking for an escape to a place of picturesque landscapes, creatures that inhabit a wild and rugged land and where explorers and escapees took a chance at the end of the earth, this is the Tasmania tour for you. 

Russell Falls, Mount Field National Park 

Russell Falls

Your first step into Mount Field National Park reminds you to stop, empty your mind, and breathe. It is a cool temperate rainforest and an easy walk to Russell Falls, a fern-framed multiple level waterfall cascading over mossy rocks. Keep a look out for furry pademelons hopping across the sun-streaked forest floor, too! 

Lake Saint Clair National Park 

Lake Saint Clair National Park

Lake Saint Clair is Australia’s deepest freshwater lake. There is a calm and tranquil atmosphere as birdsong surrounds you while you walk along the trails toward the lake. The waters are still, clear and you may be lucky enough to see snow-capped mountains that backdrop the lake. How’s the serenity!? 

Tasmanian Devils, Cradle Mountain National Park 

Tasmanian devils

The first word that comes to mind at the Devils @ Cradle Tasmanian Devil sanctuary evening feeding tour is “ruckus”. You are greeted by grunts, growls and shrieks as you look over an enclosure of hungry and pacing devils, while a keeper explains the curious lifestyle of the threatened species. This breeding and conservation facility also gives you up-close encounters with the spotted-tail quoll and eastern quoll. 

Whales & Australian Fur Seals, Freycinet National Park 

Freycinet National Park

Gone are the days of whaling with Freycinet National Park now a haven for migrating humpback and southern right whales. You may be lucky enough to be front row to a friendly whale frolicking in the waters between Freycinet Peninsula and Wineglass Bay! Spy seal colonies basking on Schouten Island, as well as perched precariously on the rocky cliffs along Freycinet Peninsula. 

Sarah Island, Macquarie Harbour 

Sarah Island, Tasmaia

Established in 1821, Sarah Island is Tasmania’s oldest convict settlement. Convicts suffered harsh conditions, felling Huon pines for boat building. A comfortable walking track connects the important sites and ruins on the island. A guide, in the form of a local theatre volunteer, regales you with the history of the island and the mystery surrounding its last years before it was abandoned.  

Waldheim Chalet, Cradle Mountain National Park 

Waldheim Chalet, Cradle Mountain National Park

Built in 1912, Waldheim Chalet was the home and guest house of Gustav and Kate Weindorfer. The Weindorfer’s played a pivotal role in establishing Cradle Mountain National Park. An interactive display within the chalet gives a glimpse of their daily life. Look out for wallabies and wombats basking in the morning sun on the hill leading up to the chalet! After exploring the chalet, continue through the King Billy pines along the 750-metre Weindorfer’s Forest Walk. 

This tour is for the explorers, the animal lovers, the history buffs, the foodies, the wine and whisky lovers, and those who venture on hikes and trails. There is an abundance of things to do and see when you head off the beaten track! Take a look at the itinerary by clicking here


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