As we near the end of 2021, we’re looking ahead to 2022 and all the places that are out there and just waiting to be explored! Enter – your ultimate 2022 travel bucket list.  

Lake Garda, Italy 

Strada della Forra, Lake Garda
Strada della Forra
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Dotted with colourful little villages all around it, you’ll never be short of something to see and do in Lake Garda. Each village has its own charm and attractions, so you’ll want to try tick off as many as possible! We recommend visiting Lake Garda for the active-relaxer as the pace of life is nice and slow, but you can still make your own adventures while there. Visit Limone sul Garda by boat, hike to the top of Monte Baldo, or simply stroll along the many promenades to admire the lake in all its natural beauty. Make sure to try at least one fish dish while at the lake, its best local food, followed by tortellini and olive oil.  

Mammoth Lakes, USA 

Mammoth Lakes
Hot Creek Geological Site
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Mammoth Lakes is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts, at any time of year! Hit the slopes in winter, then lace up your hiking boots or put your foot to the pedal of a mountain bike in the warmer months. With an abundance of pristine mountain lakes, fly fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding are also on offer if you prefer a slower-paced activity. Check out the Hot Creek Geological Site, especially the view from Brees Lookout. Boiling water weaves its way through this area, creating a steamy, almost-mystical feel to the rugged landscape.  

Hanoi, Vietnam 

A feast at Bún Chả Hương Liên

Hanoi is an absolute must-visit when in Vietnam! Known as the cultural capital, Hanoi also boasts a drool-worthy street food scene and is conveniently located for day trips north to Ha Long Bay. During the day, delve into history at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum or one of its many museums, and take a relaxing stroll around the picturesque Hoan Kiem Lake. By night, hop onto the back of a vespa for a thrilling adventure weaving through the bustling streets as local guides take you to the tastiest places in town! You may well eat at the famous Bún Chả Hương Liên, enjoying a moreish meal of grilled pork, broth, noodles and greens next to the table (now encased in glass) where Anthony Bourdain and Barack Obama once dined in 2016 for an episode of Bourdain’s Parts Unknown series.  

Bergen, Norway 

Bergen, Norway
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As a country, Norway is a strong advocate for creating a clean, green environment so Bergen has some of the freshest air you’ll ever fill your lungs with! Impeccable nature is just a stone’s throw away from the city, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Embark on a one-day cruise to Sognefjorden, the world’s longest open fjord, hike into the lush green hills, or explore the city by foot to take it all in. As the former capital and with a wealthy history, Bergen is certainly an important centrepiece to Norway. We guarantee you’ll make treasured memories in this vibrant city!  

Halifax, Canada 

Photo by @_canadiantraveller on Instagram

The coastal city of Halifax is a spectacular one to add to the bucket list for 2022 for the foodies. With a diverse seafood culinary scene, strong farm-to-table ethos and a growing craft beer industry, Halifax is a tasty city just waiting for you to eat and drink your way through. You absolutely must try a lobster roll (best enjoyed with a generous serve of warm butter), beaver tails (a donut with a Canadian twist), fresh-from-the-sea oysters, and a comforting chowder. Then to work off all these delicious foods, take a stroll along the Halifax boardwalk or grab a paddle to kayak through Fisherman’s Cove.  

Avignon, France 

Rue des Teinturiers, Avignon
Rue des Teinturiers
Photo by @lifestayle_family

Full of history and full of life, Avignon is a gem in the heart of the Provence region. With its medieval streets and houses, Renaissance-era architecture, and chilled atmosphere, it’s hard to pass up a visit here! You may know Avignon for its postcard-perfect Pont Saint Bénézet, with its remaining half jutting out across the Rhône; but delve deeper into Avignon and you’ll find so much more! Don’t miss its bohemian quarter and the Rue des Teinturiers. Formerly the hub of its textile industry, local musicians and artists set up here to entertain and socialise alongside cosy wine bars and hip restaurants.  

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