Globus family of brands’ Customer Services Consultant, Courtney, recently experienced our Globus Contrasts of the Kimberley tour. While there are so many new things to see and do, Courtney has narrowed it down to her top seven picks for the Kimberley region – not an easy feat, we tell you! 

Horizontal Falls


Cyclone Tracey exhibit at the Northern Territory Museum
Cyclone Tracey exhibit at the Northern Territory Museum

I had additional nights booked in Darwin so I was able to experience the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (with an exhibit on Cyclone Tracey), The Royal Flying Doctor Museum as well as the WWII experience which were all amazing. I would definitely recommend extra nights to experience these. 

Crocodile schnitzel
Crocodile schnitzel

Once the tour began, we started off an exciting gastronomy adventure with crocodile schnitzel, a Rosella bush spritzer, Kakadu plum, mango and mixed berry sorbet and a mango smoothie with desert lime. 

Katherine Gorge 

Katherine Gorge
Katherine Gorge

Having the opportunity to walk between the sections of the gorge was a great way to break up our cruise, giving us all time to experience nature and take photographs of indigenous wall art. Having one on one time with the passengers during dinner was wonderful and established friendships very early on. Our guides spoke about the story of the rainbow serpent which is what the local Indigenous population believe is the Katherine Gorge, as the gorge is in the shape of the serpent. Connecting the gorge with stories from when I was a kid was so memorable. 

Lake Argyle 

Lake Argyle
Watching night fall on Lake Argyle

The resort in which we stopped at for lunch was wonderful and this was definitely not expected based on first appearances. Being able to have local silver cobbler (catfish) was a delicious experience, followed by free time to take photographs and explore was a highlight. There was an infinity pool which allowed for some wonderful panoramic photos of Lake Argyle from above. Swimming in Lake Argyle was something for the bucket list but you definitely need to take a towel with you otherwise it gets very cold! 

Bungle Bungles & Kununurra 

Argyle Diamond mine
The Argyle Diamond mine from the air

I did the short scenic flight to experience the Bungle Bungles in all their glory! It was a very early morning after a late arrival the night prior, but to see the sunrise whilst in the air was stunning. The flight was breath taking and, as someone who didn’t know anything about the Bungle Bungles, this was one of my highlights. The colouring of the ridges and seeing the Pink Diamond mine was a wonderful introduction.  

Boab trees in Kununurra

The excursion returned before breakfast giving us plenty of time to explore Kununurra. The local mall was explored which had a Coles and a jewellery store featuring boab trees and pink diamonds. The staff pulled out diamonds for us to look at and try on for photos; viewing them up close made it a real experience. We also went to another diamond store and the art gallery. Upon returning to our hotel, our Tour Director and driver took us out of town to go to the Hoochery Distillery for some rum tasting and lunch, plus the Sandalwood Factory to learn about the production and parasitic nature of the sandalwood tree.  

Emma Gorge 

El Questro thermal springs
Don’t forget to look up! A beautiful setting at the thermal springs in El Questro

The Emma Gorge resort was amazing! The rooms were delightful with little visitors to welcome us back to our rooms after dinner (frogs and cane toads). The relaxed nature of the resort provided a nice rest after some jam-packed days. Swimming in the pool and star gazing were required activities – the Milky Way is visible a short distance away from the main resort! If passengers need a fridge for medication this can be accommodated and was easy to get sorted. Many passengers opted for a casual dinner on our second night after having a rest day. The thermal springs were so cool and I could have stayed there the entire day! Lying around watching the clouds pass while having a waterfall in the background was so tranquil.  

Fitzroy Crossing 

The accommodation was so peaceful even though this was the main watering hole for the town which would be going for all hours. After dinner you could stay and talk with the locals, experience the local drinks or rest up for the remaining journey. 

Horizontal Falls & Broome 

Buccaneer Archipelago
Buccaneer Archipelago

I chose to do the full day excursion of the Horizontal Falls which included a scenic flight followed by a boat ride. The island we landed at was a mining town that is currently not in use. The entire air strip glittered in the sun which was quite unusual. Upon asking, we were told it was all iron ore which was so pretty. We boarded the boat for a journey through the many islands until we got to the falls. The driver and guide were amazing and gave us so many vantage points for videos and photos and as the tides were in our favour, we got to go through the falls a couple of times. This is not something that happens very often and it was so thrilling to feel the falls trying to pull you back into it and to the rocks.  

Broome Brewery
A generous tasting paddle at Matso’s Broome Brewery

After our full day out, we had time for a quick change and then we went to Matso’s Broome Brewery which has now become one of my favourite pubs. It was fun to watch everyone try different drinks and their reactions and was a great group activity. If you are doing the full day excursion, I would recommend extra nights in Broome as there is so much to do there! We had a very late-night flight on the final day so we had time to explore the township and the local markets which I would highly recommend.

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