London is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Ranging from lush parks and ancient landmarks to high-end boutique shops and eclectic neighbourhoods, you could spend months exploring the city and still be finding new places to see and things to do! Bearing that in mind, here are 10 of the best photo spots in London.  

1. Abbey Road 

Abbey Road, London
Photo by @bybumbici on Instagram

People love to recreate the iconic Beatles album cover, whether it be in a group of four or on your own! The famous photo was taken by the late Scottish photographer Iain Macmillan, standing on a ladder in the middle of the street while a policeman blocked the traffic – all wrapped up in 10 minutes.  

2. Leake Street tunnel 

Leake Street, London
Photo by @joshuajamesstuart on Instagram

Found just under Waterloo station is one of London’s best street art spots. Leake Street tunnel is home to vibrant graffiti art that stretches along its walls and roof for 300 metres. This is where the Banksy craze all began when he held a street art festival in this very tunnel in 2008 and invited some of the biggest names in international street art. The best part? The artwork is continually changing which means there’s always something new to see.  

3. Houses of Parliament 

Houses of Parliament, London
Photo by @the_trabelair on Instagram

Comprised of several of London’s landmarks, it’s no wonder the Houses of Parliament are so popular with tourists and locals alike. Rebuilt in a Gothic Revival style, it plays an important part in the city’s skyline, especially with Big Ben towering above it. It takes up a formidable space with over 1,000 rooms and 100 staircases throughout, a grand place for the seat of the United Kingdom’s government. 

4. St Paul’s Cathedral from Millennium Bridge 

Millenium Bridge
Photo by @nikola.cobic on Instagram

Why not kill two birds with one stone by photographing St Paul’s Cathedral from Millennium Bridge? Millennium Bridge is featured in many films, like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and its vantage point directly in line with St Paul’s Cathedral is spot on. Afterwards, wander across the pedestrian-only bridge and pop into St Paul’s to admire its intricate interior and crypts.  

5. Neal’s Yard 

Neal's Yard, London
Photo by @nature_luisa on Instagram

Hidden away near Convent Garden is the vibrant Neal’s Yard. We’re so glad this area has been transformed as it was a waste area not too long ago. Even though it’s tucked away, you’ll be surprised at the hub that has been set up here. With restaurants, bars, cafes and shops, there’s something for everyone. An added bonus – every business is committed to sustainable and ethical commercial practices!  

6. Leadenhall Market 

Leadenhall Market, London
Photo by @wtaskin18 on Instagram

With a wide variety of different boutique shops, eateries and bars, Leadenhall Market is an airy space in the heart of London’s financial district. Some of its architecture dates back to the 14th century so it’s a beautiful place to photograph, mixing the old with the new. Its Victorian-built arches and ornate roof structure are particularly magnificent. 

7. Notting Hill 

Portobello Road, London
Photo by @chesleainnottinghill on Instagram

One of London’s trendiest neighbourhoods, Notting Hill was made even more famous with its namesake movie starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. You’ll also find London’s most colourful streets here, too! Its strong bohemian vibe is resplendent in the iconic painted houses found throughout the area. Discover a mix of cafes down Portobello Road, peruse the bustling weekend market, or splash out on one of the varied high-end restaurants or shops.  

8. Peggy Porschen 

Peggy Porschen, London
Photo by @frenchie.rose on Instagram

There’s no doubt that you’ve seen photos of this pretty-in-pink bakery splashed across the internet. Peggy Porschen hails from Germany where she worked her way through Le Cordon Bleu school and various pastry chef positions in London, before opening her luxury bakery in the Belgravia suburb in 2010. Its store frontage is certainly eye-catching, but don’t forget to indulge in one of Peggy’s delicious treats while you’re there! 

9. Shoreditch 

Shoreditch, London
Photo by @lukeembden on Instagram

Quite possibly the birthplace of English theatre, it’s no wonder that Shoreditch has had a history of creative artistry with it now being a key place to check out street art. And, you guessed it, Banksy has left his mark here too! We recommend picking up a hot coffee and snack before taking a walking tour through the area. You’ll be snapping away in no time! 

10. Tate Britain 

Tate Britain, London
Photo by @elopewithsunshine on Instagram

While the Tate Britain houses both national and international collections of art, we are also huge fans of its interior architecture. With geometric tiles and a light-filled atria, it’s a breath-taking space. Different sections of the building have been designed by different architects which adds to its long-standing history.  

Which of these places have piqued your interest? 

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