On the eve of National Pizza Day, we thought it beneficial to introduce the second instalment of six delicious types of pizza that you must try when in Italy. From humble beginnings, the pizza is an iconic part of Italy’s gastronomic history.  

1. Pinsa Romana, Rome 

Pizza Romana
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Pinsa describes the action of pressing the pizza dough flat using your hands (compared to the usual process of using a rolling pin and spinning it in the air). With its use of different types of flour (wheat, soy and rice), simple toppings (salt and herbs) and rectangular shape, pinsa romana is often likened to focaccia.  

2. Pizza con Patate, Naples  

Pizza con patate
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Pizza con patate is one for the double carb lovers! With a thin crust and thinly sliced potatoes, this pizza is crispy perfection. It typically doesn’t include sauce or cheese either, so has a unique flavour and taste.  

3. Pizza d’Andrea, Genoa 

Pizza d'Andrea
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Another pizza similar to focaccia, the dough for a quintessential pizza d’Andrea contains milk and is a fluffy delight. Hailing from Genoa in the Liguria region of Italy, this is the birthplace of the beloved pesto. Combine this with pizza d’Andrea – along with anchovies, onions and olive oil – and you have yourself a Genoese winner.  

4. Panzerotti, Milan 

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We all love a street food vibe, and panzerotti is no exception. This delightful snack is said to have originated in Milan, essentially a deep-fried pizza pocket. Panzerotti are typically filled with a tangy tomato sauce, stringy cheese and occasionally a meat. They make for the perfect grab-and-go item when you’re on the run.  

5. Pizza Pugliese, Puglia 

Pizza Pugliese
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If you prefer your pizza base to be thicker and denser, the Puglia region is calling your name! The thick base of pizza Pugliese is thanks to its overnight rise in the fridge, giving the dough time to slowly grow. Toppings are simple, yet delicious, comprising of red onion, provolone or pecorino cheese, tomatoes, olives, anchovies, capers and herbs.  

6. Pizza Bianca, Rome 

Pizza bianca
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When you think of pizza, you typically think of ‘red pizza’ – or one with a tomato base. However, its sister, pizza bianca (‘white pizza’) has been around since ancient Roman times. Historically, Romans would eat this with figs or cheese; and nowadays, locals love to top pizza bianca with mortadella as the pistachios add a great burst of flavour.  

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