Belgium is renowned for its culinary specialties, making it a delicious country to travel to. With strong influences from two of its neighbours – France and the Netherlands – you won’t have to look far for a mouth-watering snack or meal. From sweet to savoury, don’t miss these six delicious things to eat in Belgium! 

1. Waffles 

Belgian waffle

There are not just one, but two, types of waffles to try when in Belgium! Firstly, the classic rectangular-shaped Belgian waffle. It’s made with a yeast-leavened batter, so the end result is light and fluffy. Locals often eat Belgian waffles on their own (or with a light dusting of icing sugar) because they are just that good! The second type to try is a Liège waffle which has a denser texture. The key ingredient incorporated into its thick batter is sugar which creates a crispy, caramelised crust. Liège waffles are also a rounder shape, served with an array of toppings from Nutella to fresh strawberries and cream.  

2. Speculoos 

Speculoos biscuit
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Pairing perfectly with a hot cup of tea or coffee, this spiced cookie is a Belgium favourite. Traditionally baked on the eve of St Nicholas Day in early December, the aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger is utterly mouthwatering.  

3. Fries 

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The humble potato sits on a lofty pedestal in Belgium, with local friteries readily found serving piping hot frites. The perfect frites are cooked from fresh (not frozen), double-fried and are cut to no more than 1 centimetre thick. While tomato sauce is the main accompaniment in Australia and New Zealand, you will be wowed by the assortment of sauces on offer in Belgium! From mustard to mayonnaise, and andalouse to joppiesaus, try as many as you can.  

4. Moules-frites 

Moules frites
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If you’re a mussel fan, moules frites is one of the most delicious things to eat in Belgium. Traditionally served in a bucket with a white wine and cream sauce, the crispy fries are perfect for mopping up any leftover juices. Order a refreshing Belgian beer and you’re sorted! 

5. Frituur snacks

Belgian frituur meal

Taking fried food to the next level, you must dine at a Belgian frituur at least once in your life. Frituur translates to fry shop; so, alongside the classic frites, you can also choose to sample a wide range of other deep-fried delights. We enjoy a snack of bitterballen (a meatball), lucifers (chicken sticks dipped in a spicy sauce) and kroketten (croquettes).  

6. Chocolate 

Photo by neuhauschocolates on Instagram

Finally, we all know that Belgium is world-famous for their incredible chocolates. It all stemmed from the 17th century when Spanish explorers (who ruled Belgium at the time) brought back cocoa beans from South America. Fast forward to present day and the astonishing number of chocolate factories in Belgium tops the world count, so it comes as no surprise that it’s known as the chocolate capital of the world. Make sure you find a Neuhaus chocolate shop, a classic Belgian brand.  

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