Dublin, Ireland is a city full of charm at every turn. Being a medieval city, its historic streets and buildings all have their own fascinating stories to tell. Explore the city to your heart’s content with your camera or phone in hand, making sure to visit seven of the best photo spots in Dublin along the way. 

1. Ha’penny Bridge 

Found smack bang in the middle of Dublin is the iconic Ha’penny Bridge. At 207 years old (at the time of writing this), the pedestrian bridge used to have a toll of half a penny hence its name. Its decorative sides look beautiful by day; and the bridge is lit up at night, making it a prime photo spot no matter the time of day. 

2. Trinity College 

Highly regarded as one of Europe’s most prestigious universities, Trinity College is one of Ireland’s prized jewels. You can practically feel its remarkable history as you wander the hallowed grounds. One of the most popular photo spots is Trinity College’s Library. Dating back to 1592 with its high ceiling, take a photo down its Long Room to capture the architecture and some of the library’s collection. 

3. Kilmainham Gaol 

The prison-turned-museum played an important role in Dublin’s history, especially at the beginning of the 20th century. Not only will you learn more about Dublin and Ireland, but its interior makes for an interesting photo opportunity with a central staircase that adds to the building’s symmetry.  

4. Temple Bar 

A classic Irish pub, it’s hard to miss Temple Bar with its vibrant red exterior. If you visit in spring or summer, there will be flowers and greenery in full bloom on its walls, too! After you’ve tempted your tastebuds with a pint of Guinness, the area is great for a photo or two with boutique shops and galleries lining the classic cobblestone streets. 

5. Georgian Quarter 

Located on the south side of Dublin, the Georgian Quarter is famous for its rainbow of colours splashed across its doorways. You must visit to get a photo for the ‘gram and see how creative you can get with your photography!  

6. Anne’s Lane 

Continuing with our colourful theme, Anne’s Lane has a sea of floating umbrellas lining the sky that creates a beautiful backdrop. Also home to several bars and restaurants, Anne’s Lane is perfect to explore, not just as one of the best photo spots in Dublin!  

7. St Patrick’s Cathedral 

St Patrick’s Cathedral and its surrounds are a stunning place to discover, particularly in the spring when the flowers are at their best. With the cathedral’s beautiful architecture, you will want to get several good angles of it when taking photos.  

Dublin, Ireland is a bucket list city just waiting to be explored. Make sure you take a look at the Globus and Cosmos tours that visit this country! 

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