Africa changes you forever, like nowhere else. It’s a sentiment that is told time and time again, however you can’t whole-heartedly understand how true it is until you’ve been touched by the magic of a safari.

The extraordinary continent can invigorate your soul, pull at your heartstrings and change you in many ways – but the time spent there can have the most positive impact if you fully embrace the experience. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your African safari experience to help ensure that you are forever changed, in the best way imaginable.

Be present and grateful


Going on a safari may be a once in a lifetime experience, so make it a point to soak up every wondrous moment. We live in a technology-driven world, and a safari trip is the perfect time for travellers to go on a “digital detox” while you are away. Sure, you may feel the urge to snap photos of the fascinating wildlife and landscapes to share immediately with friends and family back home, but powering down your phone is invigorating – you won’t get wifi during most game drives anyway. You’ll want to keep your eyes wide open to all the amazing-ness that is around you!

Always greet your days with gratitude and wonder. Appreciate the beauty of untouched nature. Breathe in the clean, crisp air deeply and consciously. Be fearless and awe-inspired. Cherish every sunrise and sunset and the dramatic, ever-changing skies. Slow down and get on “Africa time” – soak it all in!

Embrace the local cuisine


There’s no better way to experience the true culture of a place than through its food. Meals that you can expect on an African safari include a bounty of tropical fruits, well-prepared vegetables, freshly-baked breads, fragrant Indian-influenced dishes, and decadent desserts, along with local dishes like chapati (doughy flatbread), ugali (cornmeal cake), sukuma wiki (flavoured collard greens – kale mixture), nyama choma (assorted roasted meats) and Kenyan goat stew. Being on a safari is a great time to try something new. Be open-minded, and who knows, maybe you’ll just come home and miss having curry-spiced chickpeas and roasted tomatoes for breakfast!

In terms of drinks, vibrant, freshly squeezed pawpaw juice will brighten your mornings. Take the time to savour your daily cup (or two) of Kenyan coffee (ranked amongst the world’s best for a reason!), which is often served with cinnamon-spiced cakes and butter cookies.

And as a dinner accompaniment, why not try a South African wine? Or a Tusker Beer, which is a refreshing pale ale made in Kenya. Of course, the best way to cap off a night is by slowly sipping on Amarula. You can enjoy this sweet cream liqueur made from the African Marula fruit straight over ice, poured into coffee or within a dessert cocktail.

Learn the language


When safari-ing in Kenya, it’s worth trying to learn some basic Swahili. While Kenya is an English-speaking country, Swahili is the national language and is spoken by many African populations. Even learning a few simple words and greetings will get you a long way!

Get to know the locals


Meeting people with a different cultural perspective is always an enlightening experience. Engaging with local residents, and getting to know their customs, traditions and values is a fascinating way to expand your level of understanding the world.

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