Not sure what to expect on a trip to the Australian Outback? Neither did Riordan, part of our Marketing team in Australia, who experienced our Globus Gems of the Red Centre tour with his Dad. 

Kata Tjuta
Rio exploring Kata Tjuta

Breathtaking scenery, incredible wildlife, rocky gorges, and fiery desert sand are just a few things that made my adventure to Central Australia nothing short of spectacular. 

You grow up seeing photos of the Red Centre at school, on the tv, or even a postcard from your grandparents; and even then, you still can’t quite anticipate the pure beauty these landscapes have to offer. With a balance of adventure, nature, and time to relax, the tour has something for everyone to sink their teeth into. While it is almost impossible not to include everything that blew me away on this trip, here are my top four gems from my time in the Red Centre.  

1. Kata Tjuta 

Kata Tjuta

You grow up seeing photos of this, but you won’t ever understand their true magic until you see Kata Tjuta (or The Olgas) in the flesh. The grandeur, the shapes and textures, the sheer beauty of its age, and the surrounding landscapes make for the most incredible viewing.  

2. Sunset at Uluru 


This is a must do! As the sun sets over the open plains of the outback with champagne in hand, you watch in awe as Uluru changes colour before your eyes. Every few minutes, a different shade appears. With Kata Tjuta off in the distance, you get a sweeping view of every part of the beautiful desert landscape with silver-green foliage and spinifex grass as far as your eye can see. 

3. The incredible Indigenous culture 

Aboriginal rock drawings

While the views are incomparable, this tour also gives you a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and its history. From the traditions of the Skin Name and ways to forage for food and water at Standley Chasm, to the dreamtime stories and art of the Anangu people at Uluru, the trip was an opportunity to learn about the sacred sites, ways of life, and customs of this remarkable culture. 

We were also lucky to have heard stories from both our tour guide, and bus driver, who have been working across Central Australia for many years. 

4. Views from the sky 

Helicopter ride

It’s one thing to be lucky enough to stand at the foot of these incredible landmarks, but to see them from above is a completely different experience altogether.  

Our first flight was an afternoon trip over Kings Canyon (an optional excursion on this tour). This gave us the opportunity to see the amazing formations from above before we ventured on foot the following morning to do the famous Rim Walk at sunrise. The second flight took us out and over the iconic rock formations of Kata Tjuta before circling back to Uluru. The size of these formations had me stumped! 


Being fortunate enough to have seen a lot of Australia’s landscape, nothing quite compares to the beating heart of Australia. I feel like I really did see the true gems of the Red Centre and to share this experience with my Dad made it all the more special! Its cultural significance, raw beauty, and pure uniqueness makes Central Australia a place that every person should add to their bucket list. Until next time! 

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