Overflowing with highlights, no trip to Europe is complete without a jaunt through Germany. From breathtaking scenery, littered with castles straight out of fairy tales, to soul-stirring Berlin, bursting with art and history; Germany has everything a spirited traveller could ask for and more. 

Here are some of our favourite towns that should be included on your German itinerary:


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Population: 14, 324

History, artistry and the beautiful Black Forest. Situated between the hills of the Black Forest and the Rhine River, Breisach shares a love for food and wine, quite like its nearby French neighbours across the river in the Alsace region. Here, you can discover Germany’s southernmost wine country, and wander the cobblestoned streets that are lined with pastel-hued buildings.


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Population: 20, 214

Just 25km southeast of Frankfurt am Main is the small, undiscovered town of Seligenstadt. One of Germany’s oldest towns, Seligenstadt was home to the Einhard Basilika, which was dubbed the ‘minor basilica’ in 1925 by Pope Pius XI.


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Population: 543, 825

Prior to World War II (which destroyed most of the city), Dresden had two nicknames; the ‘Florence of the north’ and the ‘Venice of the River Elbe’. However, the city has managed to restore much of its former glory, creating a city silhouette that’s hard to beat. With more than half of the city area devoted to green spaces, Dresden is one of the greenest cities in Europe.


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Population: 156, 267

One of the few German cities that was spared by Allied bombers in WWII, Heidelberg is Germany’s oldest university town, of Student Prince fame. Take the time to stroll around in the Old Town before riding the funicular up to the hill, to the red-walled castle, where lies the Great Vat, a 219, 544 litre 18th-century wine cask.


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Population: 171, 810

A short 40-minute train ride southwest of central Berlin is the quiet and beautiful town of Potsdam. A popular summer city-escape location, there’s much to discover in this garden-filled town, including the fabulous Sanssouci Palace, the FBI and KGB’s Cold War spy-exchange bridge and the Cecilienhof Palace, where Truman, Churchill and Stalin partitioned Germany at the Potsdam Conference.

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