It’s no secret that the food produced out of Italy is some of the world’s very best. So, let’s delve a little deeper into the food from Sicily! The Italian island features a moderate climate with fertile soil that lends itself to a variety of produce like olives, citrus, eggplants, pistachios and more. Food in Sicily has also drawn from its invaders over the centuries – like the Greeks, Spanish, and Arabs – so you will be spoilt for choice. Here are some of our favourite traditional specialties that we love so you can learn how to eat like a local in Sicily.  


We adore an on-the-go snack, perfect for tiding you over between the main meals of the day. Panelle is a vegetarian-friendly, chickpea fritter. Commonly served in a sesame seed-dusted bread bun, it makes for a delicious snack. 


The juxtaposition of a crunchy pastry shell with a smooth, sweetened ricotta cheese filling will have you coming back for more. There are lots of different combinations so we dare you to try as many as you can! 


Picture a medley of fresh, locally grown vegetables and you have caponata. Served as an antipasto, eggplant, tomatoes and capers are pan fried together with vinegar for a real hit of sweet and sour umami.  

Gelato con brioche 

A breakfast staple in Sicily, it may sound odd but makes total sense once you have your first bite. Commonly eaten in the hot summer months, gelato con brioche makes for a decadent way to start the day.  

Malvasia wine 

Malvasia is a dessert wine made on nearby Salina in the Aeolian Islands. Its honey likeness pairs well with some Sicilian almond pastries to round off your meal.  


From farm to table, stigghiola is usually the innards of lamb grilled on skewers with parsley. Once cooked, the snack is cut into pieces and seasoned simply with lemon and salt. While offal is not for everyone, we recommend trying this combination of melted fat with the smokiness of the grilled meat. 

Pasta con le Sarde 

This traditional Sicilian pasta dish involves simple, yet flavoursome, ingredients. It always features sardines and wild fennel, with additions like pine nuts, raisins, saffron and toasted almonds included, too.  

We could go on forever but there’s just so much to cover! We hope this list gives you an idea of how to eat like a local in Sicily. You can visit this delicious island with Globus or Cosmos.  

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