We have previously explored some hot places in the UK and Europe to visit in cooler temperatures, so now let’s move over to our North America friends. While some of these places can be bone-chillingly cold, the experiences are worth their weight in gold. 

Arches National Park, Utah 

Average autumn temperature: -2 – 30° Celsius 
Average winter temperature: -8 – 9° Celsius 
Arches National Park
Photo by @v_outdoors on Instagram

Many travellers venture to Arches National Park for its hikes through the fiery arches its namesake is from. These trails are open year-round so there’s nothing stopping you from going in the off season. Since temperatures can soar to over 37° Celsius in the summertime, autumn and winter provide a cool respite. With fewer people about, parking is a breeze and the park itself becomes a place of solitude and tranquillity – adding to its quirky vibe. Taking a photo of a fresh dusting of snow on the red rocks makes for a fantastic memory! 

Kauai, Hawaii 

Average autumn temperature: 15 – 25° Celsius 
Average winter temperature: 12 – 22° Celsius 
Whales, Kauai
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While you will likely experience more rainfall in the off season on Kauai, it’s still well worth a visit. Since the weather is more temperamental, powerful swells are found on the Northern and Western shores – perfect for the avid surfer! Winter is also migration season for pods of humpback whales making their way from Alaska to Kauai. You may be lucky enough to spot them from land, or head out on a boat tour to get up close and personal! There are fewer crowds, cooler temperatures and cheaper activities available, making your Hawaiian holiday a real bargain.  

Victoria, British Columbia 

Average autumn temperature: 6 – 18° Celsius 
Average winter temperature: 4 – 9° Celsius 
Butchart Gardens
Photo by @gi.bodenmuller on Instagram

With mild autumn and winter temperatures compared to some of its nearby Canadian cities, we highly recommend a trip to Victoria at this time of year! There are plenty of festivals to get amongst, like the annual Salmon Run and Festival of Trees that kicks off the festive season. Butchart Garden is also one of Victoria’s biggest attractions. With such an enviable environment, flowers can begin to bloom as early as January ensuring Victoria’s nickname of ‘City of Gardens’ is well-represented.  

Death Valley National Park, California 

Average autumn temperature: 9 – 41° Celsius 
Average winter temperature: 4 – 23° Celsius 
Death Valley National Park
Photo by @sjtudor on Instagram

Death Valley National Park is America’s lowest, hottest and driest national park, and is world-famous for offering some of the country’s best stargazing. A paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, camping during autumn is delightful; while exploring its landmarks from September – March is a dream come true with fewer people around. You can’t leave without trying your luck at stargazing either…the first half of February is your best bet to see the Milky Way in all its glory.  

Fairbanks, Alaska 

Average autumn temperature: -20 – 13° Celsius 
Average winter temperature: -26 – -10° Celsius 
Aurora borealis, Fairbanks
Photo by @allanlongphotography on Instagram

Autumnal weather in Fairbanks is full of crisp, sunny days before the temperature takes a sharp drop in winter. However, winter is peak viewing season for the jaw-droppingly beautiful Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights! Even though it may be freezing outside, you’ll forget about the cold as you watch the glowing lights dance across the sky. 

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 

Average autumn temperature: -14 – 16° Celsius 
Average winter temperature: -16 – 0° Celsius 
Yellowstone National Park
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In all honesty, you can’t go wrong with any season at Yellowstone National Park! As with many places that teem with visitors in summer, Yellowstone is much less crowded in the off season. You’ll be able to spot plenty of wildlife (think bears and elks) before they bunker down for winter; the light is less harsh for the avid photographer; watch steaming geysers against a backdrop of crisp, white snow; and partake in winter activities like snowshoeing!  

Boston, Massachusetts 

Average autumn temperature: 3 – 23° Celsius 
Average winter temperature: -5 – 6° Celsius 
Photo by @mariatemplephotography on Instagram

The East Coast of the USA is renowned for its phenomenal autumnal colours, and Boston certainly delivers with its fiery leaves adorning the trees and ground. You can’t go wrong with exploring places like the Public Garden and Beacon Hill, watching your camera roll fill up with photos of the fall foliage. As winter sets in, Boston doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Lace up your skates at the Frog Pond and delight in the glittering lights at night or check out the Boston Wine Festival in January (America’s longest-running food and wine festival).  

There are many places to visit in cooler temperatures in North America! So long as you come prepared, there’s nothing to say that your time at one of these destinations won’t be enjoyable! The Globus family of brands offer many off season holidays for you to choose: an Escapes by Globus tour, and Cosmos and Globus tours with autumn and winter departures. 

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