There’s nothing quite like a holiday to Japan, whether it be your first, second or third time! Regardless, there is always something new to see, do, or taste as each region has its own character that is special to the area. Here are four reasons why you can’t go wrong with Japan!  

1. The food is second to none 

The sheer variety of Japanese food available is one of the main reasons why travellers flock to Japan. Each region has put their unique spin on traditional dishes, and we love the seasonality that flows through to when certain dishes make an appearance. Wrap your tastebuds around an okonomiyaki (savoury pancake) in Hiroshima of the Chugoku region or enjoy the freshest seafood from the northernmost Hokkaido region. We guarantee that you will love eating your way through Japan! 

2. Experience the most punctual train system in the world 

Did you know that 45 of the 54 busiest train stations in the world are found in Japan? Surely this gives you an insight into just how popular the train system is. Japan’s train system is world-famous for being incredibly efficient and an easy way to travel from A to B. You can always expect trains to arrive and depart on time, with the Japan Railway Group covering about 70% of Japan’s railway network. 

3. It’s powder heaven for ski bunnies 

Often called the powder capital of the world, Niseko in the Hokkaido region is the place that calls ski (and snowboard) bunnies from all around the world! With a strong reputation in offering trails of all levels – including off-piste – Niseko is frequented by locals and tourists alike. Combined with a Japanese onsen après-ski, a winter getaway to Japan is a bucket list item.  

4. Discover Japan’s traditional villages 

There is certainly no shortage of charming traditional villages to explore in Japan. One of our favourites is Shirakawa-go, found in the heart of the Gifu Prefecture. The small village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and famous for their thatched roofs known as gasshō-zukuri. This translates to ‘constructed like hands in prayer’ with the style built without nails and strong enough to withstand the heavy snowfall that the area sees.  

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