Between North America’s breath-taking national parks, funky up-and-coming cities, and tiny historic towns, there are probably a surplus of sights that you may not have seen. From Canada to California and Yakima to Yukon, come discover the undiscovered with Globus and Cosmos.  

There’s no better way to head off-the-beaten track to find these hidden gems than with Globus or Cosmos. We’ll take you right to the heart of lush wilderness and picturesque towns. Here are four places to add to your North America & Canada bucket list. 

Estevan Lodge, Québec 

Reford Gardens
Photo by @mhraymond on Instagram

Elsie Reford was a pioneer for the Québec region for her progressive take on horticulture. She created one of the largest private gardens in Canada on her estate, Estevan Lodge. The gardens are now open to the public and are a real treat for nature lovers. Originally a fishing lodge, Elsie worked to create a special type of soil to allow flora and fauna to flourish. On the Globus Québec in Depth with the Gaspé Peninsula tour, you’ll have free reign to explore the spectacular gardens followed by a farm-to-table lunch at the lodge itself. The menu changes often, catering to seasonal specialties with 140 edible plants picked daily straight from the gardens.  

Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington 

Kentucky Horse Farm
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The Kentucky Horse Park is one of North America’s most iconic horse grounds. It has certainly seen through some famous stars on the course, including Man o’War and Secretariat. The facility includes a working horse farm, an equestrian competition venue and an educational theme park. There are also daily equine presentations and a museum to visit, all in an effort to educate the world about man’s relationship with the horse. Join us on a tour of Kentucky Horse Park on Cosmos’ Historic Trails & Blue Ridge Mountains, or Globus’ Bourbon, Bridles & Bluegrass holiday. 

Joshua Tree National Park, California 

Joshua Tree National Park
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Likely the quirkiest national park in North America, Joshua Tree National Park is a true gem of the Golden State. The contrast between its rocky formations and twisted Joshua Trees is so unique, found nowhere else in the world! By day you can spot a wide range of plants and animals that call the park home on a 4WD Hummer tour (experienced on Globus’ Southern California Charms tour); and by night, look to the skies for some of the country’s best stargazing, thanks to being so far away from light pollution.  

Alaska Railroad, Fairbanks to Denali National Park 

Alaska Railroad
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Sit back in comfort and enjoy Alaska’s spectacular scenery as you travel in style onboard the Alaska Railroad, including on the Cosmos Alaska & the Yukon tour. Keep your eyes peeled for the state’s finest wildlife – from the brown bear and caribou to bald eagles and Dahl sheep. The domed-roof car also offers a new dimension to your train journey. Your final destination is Denali National Park where there is no doubt that you’ll stand in awe at the foot of North America’s highest peak, the legendary Denali.  

All this and much more are waiting to be discovered in North America on a Globus or Cosmos Undiscovered tour.  

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