From sea to shining sea, Globus North America tours are all about adventure. From airy national parks to world-class accommodation, Globus offers a variety of Local Favourites that give our travellers the opportunity to deep dive into the destination. These are five of our top Local Favourite excursions in North America.  

Wild Wonders in Custer State Park, USA 

Tour: Exploring America’s Great Parks 

Custer State Park
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Explore the Wild West with this Local Favourite in Custer State Park, South Dakota. The park is home to over 1,000 bison – one of the world’s largest herds – so is the perfect place to spot these magnificent animals. Board an open off-road vehicle in search of bison herds with a local expert. They will impart their wisdom about the area, educating you about the history and legends of the park and the importance of the American bison to these lands. Afterwards, you’ll be treated to an authentic chuckwagon cookout with Western music and dance.  

Overnight at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, USA 

Tour: Mackinac Island and the Great Lakes 

Palmer House Hilton
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Staying at a hotel that has seen celebrities through its doors is always a fun experience! On the last night of our Mackinac Island & the Great Lakes tour, you’ll overnight at the historic Palmer House Hilton in Chicago. Its walls tell stories of its origins (built from a love story), a friendship with Claude Monet that influenced its décor, and celebrity guests that have graced its rooms (like Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and Frank Sinatra). Your farewell dinner will be held at the hotel where you’ll learn all about how the brownie was created in the Palmer House Kitchen in the late nineteenth century!  

Wild Beauties in the Saguenay Fjord, Canada 

Tour: Québec in Depth with the Gaspé Peninsula 

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The Saguenay-St Lawrence Marine Park is renowned for being home to the greatest variety of whale species in the world. Get your sea legs on where a Naturalist guide introduces you to the marine mammals of the area, including endangered species like the blue whale and St Lawrence beluga whale. After this wild adventure, you’ll stop in the exquisite Charlevoix region on your way back to Québec City to visit a family-owned fromagerie (cheese factory). Delight in the cheese-making traditions of this family, and it wouldn’t be complete with a tasting too! 

Local Tastes in Hilo, Hawaii 

Tour: Grand Hawaii Vacation 

Hawaii donut
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This Local Favourite will have you coming back for more! In Hilo, on the island of Hawaii, you’ll stop in at the Punalu’u Bake Shop. Step back in time to the nineteenth century when Hawaii had an influx of Portuguese sugar workers. Opened in 1950, Robert R. Taira was determined to replicate his favourite traditional sweet bread from Portugal. He was successful and the Punalu’u Bake Shop’s freshly baked goods have grown in popularity to become the most visited bakery in the state of Hawaii. Sample the famous sweet bread and malasadas (a type of donut) …and we wouldn’t blame you if you got some to take away for later! 

Heroes on Horseback in Banff, Canada 

Tour: Great Resorts of the Canadian Rockies 

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Since the early days of the Northwest Territory, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have patrolled the mountains of Alberta and beyond. In Banff, this Local Favourite excursion will introduce you to a Canadian Mountie with their signature wide-brimmed hats, red jackets and regulation jodhpurs. Hear from them to learn about the history and tales of historic and present adventure.  

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