With international travel back on track, we are dreaming and planning all of the overseas trips! A trip to Canada is definitely high-priority, especially with these five reasons why you need to visit Canada this year. 

1. The wildlife 

Polar bears, Canada
Photo by @arctic_wild on Instagram

We’re sure you are already well aware that a huge range of wildlife call Canada home. With towering mountains, grassy plains and deep oceans all within an easy reach, it’s no surprise that animal-lovers flock to Canada to try and spot as many as possible! Depending on the season that you visit, you may be lucky enough to see one of the famous bears (polar, grizzly and black), whales (humpback and orcas), moose, and birds (bald eagles, woodpeckers and peregrines)! This only covers a small portion of the wildlife that is there. 

2. Rocky Mountaineer 

Rocky Mountaineer
Photo by @anaagarciaaa on Instagram

An absolute icon of Canada, the Rocky Mountaineer is an unforgettable train journey that takes you through the breath-taking Canadian Rockies. This area is renowned for its jaw-dropping mountain ranges, icy blue lakes and sea views, and wildlife (season dependent) so the train carriages are designed with wide glass windows. The knowledgeable staff that accompany you are quick to point out a grizzly bear or a beautiful landmark, so you won’t miss a minute of learning about the Rockies.  

3. City life 

Seawall, Vancouver
Photo by @_miss_eleana on Instagram

There are some epic cities to discover on either side of the country. Each one has its own vibrant culture and quirks, enticing locals and travellers alike to visit. There’s Québec with its French flair and charming Old City; Vancouver with its clean, green ethos making it a beautiful city; Calgary with the annual Calgary Stampede and stunning views of the Rocky Mountains; and much, much more!  

4. The great outdoors 

Green Lake, Whistler
Green Lake, Whistler.
Photo by @chuuenen on Instagram

As mentioned earlier, Canada’s landscapes and scenery are world-famous. The great outdoors appeals to so many people in any season. Winter calls the ski bunnies and snowboarders, while the warmer months draw in those who love to get out and about in the forests and mountains. So, whatever the season and whatever takes your fancy, you need to add Canada to your bucket list! 

5. Friendly locals 

Commonly referred to as the friendliest people in the world, travellers are often surprised by how polite and good-natured Canadians are! No matter where you are in Canada, we guarantee you will strike up a conversation with a local at a café or bar, or simply notice their pleasantries during your travels. In places like Prince Edward Island, the local police warned drivers against their friendly waving at oncoming traffic saying it was causing more accidents!  

Well, there you have it! Five reasons you need to visit Canada this year – and of course, there are many more that you can experience for yourself on a Globus or Cosmos tour! 

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