A fall foliage in New England is akin to tiptoeing through the tulips at Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam or walking under the soft pink sakura blossoms in Japan. The changing of seasons attracts travellers to the New England area (comprised of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut) every year. We’re here with five reasons why you should experience a classic fall foliage in New England at least once in your lifetime! 

The scenery is out-of-this-world-beautiful. 

Sunset in New England
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We’ll cut straight to the chase. Once autumn starts to peek around the corner around late September, the feeling in the air starts to change. New England is home to a wide variety of trees like beech, birch, gum, maple, oak and willow. Each tree has their own unique leaves that eventually turn into a beautiful, blazing mix of reds, oranges and yellows that cover forests, streets, parks and highways. This generally begins in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine before moving south and east, and ends around late December (depending on Mother Nature, of course!).  

One of the most popular places to go to maximise your fall foliage goals is Acadia National Park in Maine. With outdoor activities available all year round, it is a breath taking experience to drive, walk, ski or camp here. Make sure you head to the summit of Cadillac Mountain, the first place in the USA to see the sun rise each day.  

The weather is just right. 

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We can’t get enough of autumnal weather. The average temperature in New England in September is 18° Celsius so is still warm during the day but a little chilly at night. Even as the temperature drops as winter nears you can’t beat a crisp, autumn day.  

The seasonal produce is bountiful. 

Lobster roll
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As you travel through New England, you’ll spot roadside stalls, local markets and orchards. Take your pick of pumpkins, squash, cranberries and apples. As all of the states are coastal, seafood is plentiful. Lobster rolls and clam chowder are featured often and are mouth-wateringly good.  

The history is ingrained in America. 

Boston Freedom Trail
Boston Freedom Trail
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New England was at the forefront of the America that we know today as well as some other defining moments during the country’s history. 1620 saw the first English settlement set up here after sailing from England aboard the Mayflower. It was these British colonies that wanted to break away from the British Crown which brought about the Boston Tea Party demonstration in 1773. Another notable moment in New England’s history was playing a fundamental role in the slave abolishment movement in the 19th century.  

Boston is one of the most culturally significant cities not just in New England, but in America. Walk in the footsteps of Benjamin Franklin, through the Boston Common and its Freedom Trail, and past the Old State House and Old North Church. As you can imagine, Boston’s Public Garden is one of the best places to walk amongst the autumn trees.  

The sights and experiences are unique. 

The Breakers mansion
The Breakers, Cornelius Vanderbilt’s famous mansion
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Aside from its prominent history, New England has many unique sights and experiences. From America’s oldest synagogue and Cornelius Vanderbilt’s mansion in Newport, to viewing the largest collection of Rockwell originals at the Norman Rockwell Studio and Museum in Stockbridge and Portland’s Old Port Exchange. There is plenty to immerse yourself in!  

Publick House
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On the Globus Classic Fal Foliage tour, you will have the opportunity to visit Billings Farm and Museum in Vermont. This showcases some of the past rural traditions and nowadays, life on a working dairy farm (complete with a locally made treat at the end). We also can’t forget the colonial style dinner at the historic Publick House in Sturbridge. Staying true to its 18th century roots, your meal will be served amongst oversized wingback chairs, cosy couches by the fireplace, rum barrels and vintage brass beer taps – a truly memorable dining experience! 

If you are thinking of travelling to the USA during its autumn season, we would highly recommend putting New England on your map! Globus can provide you with a hassle-free way to experience a classic fall foliage in New England with this spectacular 9-day tour.  

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