The United States of America isn’t the only country to celebrate Thanksgiving. Its close neighbour, Canada, also has its own version of giving thanks. Read on for five facts about Thanksgiving in Canada that you didn’t know!  

1. Québec calls Thanksgiving ‘action de gräce’ 

Which literally translates directly to Thanksgiving! With its French roots, it’s no wonder that there is a French translation for the Québecois. 

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2. The earliest report of Thanksgiving in Canada is from 1578 

Having had safe passage through North America to the Canadian border and beyond, English explorer Martin Frobisher held a special meal in 1578. Along with his crew, the dinner was to give thanks to God for their unharmed journey…and as they say, the rest of Thanksgiving is history!  

3. It isn’t a public holiday for some provinces 

While the majority of Canada celebrate on the second Monday of October, there are four provinces that don’t follow suit. They are Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick.  

4. Turkey sales go through the roof 

A roast turkey holds the prized centrepiece place on the table for all Canadians at Thanksgiving. In 2019, over 2.5 million turkeys were bought which equated to approximately 39% of total sales for the year. 

5. There is a traditional football game to watch 

Just like their American neighbours, there is a special Thanksgiving Day Classic game to put on during this holiday. This is played in Canada’s own football league. 

Canada maple leaf

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