While we may be in the middle of winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re looking to our friends in Europe who are lapping up endless sunshine, sunblock and summer to keep our travel dreams alive.  

With a Mediterranean focus, these five places are ideal for a summer holiday. Explore the streets or relax on the beach with a good book during the daytime, then settle in for a balmy summer’s night by the sea with a tantalising meal and local wine – bliss! Read on for some summer-time inspiration.  

Turin, Italy 

Turin, Italy
Photo by Wendy Dekker on Unsplash

As the capital city of the Piedmont area in northern Italy, Turin is a fascinating city to settle in for at least a few days. Tucked away near the Italian Alps with the Po River flowing through the city, Turin is often overlooked but provides just as much as any other Italian city – but without the crowds. For the architecture-lovers, Turin offers a range of styles from Renaissance to Art Nouveau architecture across its piazzas, castles, gardens and buildings. Truffles are plentiful as is the local Barolo wine, grown in the nearby Piedmont hills.  

Opatija, Croatia 

Opatija, Croatia
Photo by @radhikabhushanmisra on Instagram

While most tourists flock to the popular Dubrovnik and Split, head to the northern coast and you’ll find Opatija. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Nice of Croatia’, it has a glorious Mediterranean climate and stunning historic buildings. With an incredibly long Lungomare, the 12-kilometre waterfront promenade stretches along the coastline and beaches. Stretch your legs and explore the resort town, flanked with the dazzling Adriatic on one side and picturesque villas, parks, dining options and beach clubs on the other.  

Milos, Greece 

Sarakiniko, Milos
Sarakiniko beach.
Photo by @angelineswinkels on Instagram

A historic volcanic background lends itself to the unique geology and beaches on the island of Milos. From an eruption from millions of years ago, underwater sea caves, reddish cliffs and soft sand beaches have formed – including the famous Sarakiniko beach. It almost feels like you’re on another planet as you stand atop its white rock faces looking out over the turquoise waters.  

Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Photo by @pepi_cuentacruceros on Instagram

Despite being one of Europe’s smallest capitals, Ljubljana still packs a (cultural) punch. Whether you’re exploring its hilltop castle by funicular, perusing the fresh produce at the Central Market, or visiting the bright pink Franciscan Church, Ljubljana is sure to delight. More often than not, you’ll find us indulging in a traditional hot burek with sour cherries and cream or even a horse burger! 

Taormina Riviera, Italy 

Taormina Riviera, Italy
Photo by @gowithmesomewhere24 on Instagram

To discover a completely different side to Italy, look no further than beautiful Sicily. With diverse architecture, a unique culture and multinational cuisine, Sicily is full of treasures like the Taormina Riviera. The actual township is found perched on a cliff high above the Ionian Sea with panoramic views like no other. You’ll be rewarded with an enviable view of Mount Etna as it’s a short 45 minutes’ drive away. Taormina is home to a number of old churches, local restaurants, lively bars and its most famous attraction, an ancient Greek theatre. Still in use today for operas and concerts, a good portion of the original structure is still intact! 

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