We all know that most travellers flock to the other side of the world to lap up a Northern Hemisphere summer. But let’s not discount travelling between October through to March! Here are eight reasons why you should consider off season travel in the hopes that this might entice you to book a holiday during this period.  

Help spread the load 

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This is one of our top reasons as to why you should consider off season travel. Cities and their local businesses see through hordes of tourists during summer, then it can all take a nosedive come autumn or winter. Travelling in the off season makes it easier to spread the load for business owners, plus it can help preserve ancient sites for future generations.  

Better bargains to be had 

Almost everything is cheaper in the off season – accommodation, food and drinks, activities and especially an Escapes by Globus tour! These tours are designed to specifically run between November – March and are up to 40% cheaper than if you were to travel in high season. 

Fewer travellers 

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Travellers aren’t just from overseas in summer…locals also like to make the most of the summer break! If you plan your holiday for the cooler months, you’ll find fewer travellers about meaning it’s easier to get up close and personal with the Grand Canyon, you won’t have to wait in long lines at the Vatican, and it’s a breeze to get from A to B.  

Better chance of meeting locals 

With fewer travellers about, locals are more likely to have the time to chat. Strike up a conversation with a local sitting next to you at a tapas bar; they might share some tips and tricks with you! 

Some places are best enjoyed in winter 

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This applies if you either prefer to travel when temperatures are milder and/or you want to experience a snow-dusted city for the first time. For example, Morocco can average about 35°C in summer but 21°C in winter – a much more bearable temperature to discover what Morocco has to offer. 

A wider range of choice 

We all love to be able to have the choice of where to stay, what to do, and where to eat. This is all made much easier during the off season. You may well be able to book in for that Michelin starred restaurant you’ve been eyeing up in Barcelona. 

Seasonal food and drink 

Heartwarming pasta ‘ncasciata
Photo by @nonnapaperina on Instagram

A change in season means a change in produce, ultimately changing what is served at local cafés and restaurants. Tuck into a hearty bowl of Irish stew, warm up with a hot mug of glühwein in Vienna, or pasta ‘ncasciata (a baked winter pasta dish) in Sicily.   

Winter activities 

Tromso Northern Lights
The Northern Lights above Tromsø
Photo by @karine_eye_photography on Instagram

Ever wanted to ski on Mount Etna? Or see the Northern Lights in Norway? What about Edinburgh’s Christmas markets? Winter doesn’t mean that activities have to stop; there is just a whole new range for you to try. 

The Globus family of brands offer many off season holidays for you to choose: an Escapes by Globus tour, a festive time Avalon Waterways river cruise, and November/December tours with Cosmos

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