Edinburgh, Scotland is one of those cities that is filled with old-world charm making it a popular place to explore. Whether it’s your first time to Edinburgh, or you’re returning, the juxtaposition between the medieval Old Town and beautiful New Town is so unique. In order to capture memories that you’ll treasure forever, don’t miss these eight amazing photo spots in Edinburgh.  

1. Princes Street Gardens 

Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh
Photo by @ricks_pictures on Instagram

Edinburgh’s version of New York’s Central Park, Princes Street Gardens is a beautiful green oasis in the heart of the city. Divided into the East and West sections by The Mound, the landscaped park provides a calm environment with an incredible view of Edinburgh Castle. You might also like to photograph St Cuthbert’s Churchyard with its mossy vaults and gravestones.  

2. Edinburgh Castle 

Edinburgh Castle
Photo by @apureguria on Instagram

Moving right on to Edinburgh Castle, its lofty perch affords magnificent views across the city for you to snap away. While it’s easier to get a photo of the castle from key points around the city, the castle is a must-visit. Plus, if you time it right the canons are fired at 1pm every day! 

3. Calton Hill 

Calton Hill, Edinburgh
Photo by @andreia_fangueiro on Instagram

You would have surely seen this view on many photos of Edinburgh before, so how could we not include this iconic lookout? Calton Hill provides a marvellous view of the cityscape and is home to the National Monument of Scotland (a memorial to Scottish soldiers and sailors). Line up your camera to frame Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street and the Dugald Stewart Monument all in one. If you aim for sunset, all the better for a truly impressive view (and photo!).  

4. The Salisbury Crags 

Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh
Photo by @gfm90 on Instagram

Head for the hills and to the top of the Salisbury Crags for one of the ultimate photo spots in Edinburgh. Found in Holyrood Park, the Crags are basalt column cliffs measuring at a whopping 45 metres tall. With their craggy texture, not only can they be a fun subject to photograph but make for a great vantage point to capture the sunrise or sunset over Edinburgh. 

5. Dean Village 

Dean Village, Edinburgh
Photo by @salt_n_turmeric on Instagram

Step back in time to a storied fairy tale in Dean Village. Sitting in a valley next to the Water of Leith (Edinburgh’s main river), the village will charm your socks off! Colourful houses, cobblestone streets and its tranquil nature create a myriad of wonderful photo spots. In particular, the yellow house found on Hawthornbank Lane is a pop of sunshine amongst this country village. 

6. Circus Lane 

Circus Lane, Edinburgh
Photo by @mackemlife_ on Instagram

Similar to Dean Village, Circus Lane is found a little out of Edinburgh’s city centre in the New Town. Despite being called New Town, construction of this area began in the 18th century and is where the rich formerly moved to. Circus Lane keeps to some of this old-school charm with its antique lamp posts, lovely houses and lush, creeping greenery twisting its way along the lane. The best time of year to photograph Circus Lane is in spring and summer when the greenery is out in full force. 

7. The Royal Mile 

Old Stamp Office Close, Edinburgh
Photo by @emzmartinx on Instagram

Although the Royal Mile itself is one of Edinburgh’s most famous streets, we think it’s actually the closes that really make a photographer’s dream. Keep an eye out for an entrance sign and follow it to one of the small side streets that are an oasis just a few steps away from the mad rush of the Royal Mile. Weaving between the buildings, these narrow closes are typically named after a notable resident who lived in one of the nearby apartments. Some of the best are White Horse Close, Old Stamp Office Close and Advocate’s Close. 

8. St Giles’ Cathedral 

St Giles' Cathdral, Edinburgh
Photo by @nicolatudge on Instagram

While you’ve probably seen your fair share of cathedrals and churches throughout the UK and Europe, St Giles’ Cathedral is a must-visit! Its blue ceiling down the middle of the cathedral is coupled with its lights to create a magical blue sky and sun setting. The bold ceiling colour contrasts well against the beige interior, creating another unique photo spot in Edinburgh. 

These are just some of the hundreds of epic photo spots in Edinburgh, Scotland. Visit Edinburgh on one of our Globus or Cosmos tours! 

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