While proudly French, Collioure’s close proximity to Spain has heavily influenced the cuisine of the area, resulting in foods that are diverse and delicious in flavour. Whether you’re after a fresh seafood meal, a hearty winter dish or a cheese-filled snack, the food of Collioure and the surrounding French Pyrenees has something that will suit all taste palettes.

Here are some of our favourite foods (inclusive of dessert and cheese of course) and drinks you need to try in Collioure to eat like a local.



The ultimate comfort food; aligot is a dish made of mashed potato and Tomme de Laguiole cheese pureed together. Usually, aligot is served alongside roast pork, grilled sausages or seafood, but is also delicious enjoyed by itself too!


A famous traditional southwestern France dish, La Garbure is basically a meat, bean and vegetable soup and is the perfect cold, winter food companion.


What was once simple farmhouse fare, is now a rich, complex dish which is enjoyed globally. Originating in southwest France, the basic cassoulet is a dish made from white beans, baked with fresh pork, tomatoes, garlic, onions, herbs and stock, and made complete with a nice, crust on top.


Le gateau a la broche

Known as the cake that is cooked on a spit, Le gateau a la broche is thought to have been introduced to France by Napoleonic soldiers retreating from battle in Eastern Europe and has become a Pyrenees tradition.

Chasselas de moissac

Chasselas de moissac are a hand-grown and picked white table grape that is grown in the clay and limestone soils of the Pyrenees. The sweet grape can be enjoyed by itself as an aperitif, or cooked into a grape harvest cake.


In case you didn’t already know, the French love their cheese…. And us as visitors to France also love cheese! When in Collioure and the surrounding Pyrenees area, be sure to try some of the local, interesting cheeses that are common to the area, including Tomme de Vache Barousse, Tomme des Pyrenees and Roquefort.


While it’s not as well-known as other areas of the country for wine, the French Pyrenees region is still home to some tasty wines! Some of our favourites include gaillac, armagnac and bergerac.

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