Oh, Canada! It’s where the magic happens, and you’ll never be short of inspiring moments as you explore this wondrous country. Travel through the picturesque provinces of British Columbia and Alberta in Western Canada, or experience a little bit of France, the Canadian way on the Eastern shores. Either way, you are sure to be delighted at every step of your journey so come and discover the undiscovered in Canada with Globus and Cosmos

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Columbia Icefield

If it’s adventure you’re after, look no further than jumping in the Ice Explorer on the Columbia Icefield. This all-terrain vehicle has been designed for glacial travel, making sure its passengers get up close and personal with these mind-bogglingly-large glaciers. Six major glaciers feed into the Columbia Icefield, making it the largest in the Rocky Mountains sitting along the border of British Columbia and Alberta.  

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Canada’s Inside Passage is an incredible stretch of protected ocean to cruise through. A long chain of islands lies west of the continent which acts as a barrier from the Pacific Ocean, thus making the passage one of the calmest places to cruise through. This has resulted in an abundance of marine and wildlife who call this area home. Keep your eyes peeled to spot humpback whales, killer whales, porpoises, sea lions and millions of fish and seabirds! Lined with towering mountains and roaring waterfalls, this is the natural beauty of Canada that everybody talks about.  

Whale of a time 

Beluga whale
Photo by @robertj.galbraith on Instagram

Continuing on with our nature theme except on the other side of Canada, let’s set sail in the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park. This is one of three National Marine Conservations Areas under the Canadian national park system, and the first of its kind in Québec to protect a purely marine environment. As its namesake, the area is where the Saguenay River meets the St Lawrence River. The mixing of these two rivers and the nearby Atlantic Ocean stirs up a rich food supply which draws a number of whale colonies here! The Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park is regarded as one of the best places in the world for whale watching with over 300 different species that either live there or regularly migrate through it – including blue whales and beluga whales. 

Flavour Trail 

Charlevoix region, Quebec
Photo by @dronecharlevoixquebec on Instagram

Yes please to cheese! From Québec City, enjoy a scenic drive out to the Charlevoix region. Its landscape is spectacular with formidable fjords, picturesque bays and rolling terrain throughout. Here, you’ll visit a family-owned fromagerie, located in the heart of the region. You’ll be taken through the process of cheese making from start to finish with a knowledgeable guide, rounded off with a delicious cheese tasting.  

Join us to discover the undiscovered in Canada on the Globus Québec in Depth with the Gaspé Peninsula tour or Cosmos Western Canada with Inside Passage tour.  

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