From the morning calls of the magpies, to the echoing sounds of the didgeridoo being played in the vast, red outback, there’s nothing quite like Australia. From sparkling blue ocean beaches with glistening white sand, to the raw, red vastness of the outback, a trip around this great island nation is sure to be memorable – no matter where you visit!

There’s never been a better time to explore the wonders of our backyard. With so much available to us on our doorstep, figuring out where to begin can be a difficult task! Inspired by this, we’ve put together some of our favourite Australian hidden gems that you need to visit, that might just help you in shaping your dream Aussie itinerary.

Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Bay of Fires
Bay of Fires
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Located along the northeastern coast of Tasmania, covering a stretch of 50kms between Binalong Bay in the south and Eddystone Point in the north is the stunning Bay of Fires. Famous for its orange lichen cloaked boulders, powder white sand and crystal clear waters, the Bay of Fires is an ideal setting for soaking in awe-inducing views and going for many a dreamlike walk along the beach.

Must do: wake up early and experience the magic of a Bay of Fires sunrise – it’s worth the early start!

Bungle Bungles, Western Australia

Purnululu National Park
Purnululu National Park
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A long-held secret of the Kimberleys and the Traditional Custodians of Purnululu National Park, the Karjaganujaru peoples, is the majestic Bungle Bungles. Rising 300 metres above the grass plains that surround them, the orange and black sandstone domes weren’t ‘discovered’ until 1983, when a film documentary crew spotted the beehive-like domes from above. It gained  World Heritage Listing in 2003, and is nothing short of magical.

Must do: While you can explore the wonders of Purnululu National Park and the Bungle Bungles by foot, there’s nothing quite like witnessing this beauty from above on a helicopter or light plane sightseeing tour.

Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Alice Springs
Alice Springs
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Known as the beating heart of Australia’s Red Centre, Alice Springs is surrounded by an ocean of ochre toned sands, speckled with majestic rock formations. The capital of the Outback, it comes with little surprise that ‘Alice’ – as the locals fondly refer to it – is one of the country’s most special destinations.

Must do: Learn all about the local geology, flora, fauna, bush medicine and tukka, weaponry and cultural history specific to Alice Springs on a guided walk with a local Indigenous guide.

Mount Gambier, South Australia

Caroline Sinkhole, Mount Gambier.
Caroline Sinkhole, Mount Gambier
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Located on the southern end of the South Australian-Victorian border is Mount Gambier; the Limestone Coast’s major town and service hub. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to geological wonders here; discover the dazzling sapphire waters of the famous Blue Lake, explore the underground garden of Eden at the Umpherston Sinkhole, snorkel the crystal-clear waters of the Piccaninnie Ponds, or venture underwater to the world-famous dive site Kilsby Sinkhole.

Must do: Experience a culture that is over 60, 000 years old on a guided Indigenous walk of Gunditjmara Country.

Great Keppel Island, Queensland

Great Keppel Island
Great Keppel Island
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With 17 pristine beaches to choose from, Great Keppel Island is the perfect option when looking for a destination that will satisfy your tropical island cravings. Located 30km’s northeast of Rockhampton, it’s easy to see the appeal, with the option of spending your days snorkelling right off the shore’s of the beach, or spotting wildlife while hiking along the rugged hinterland.

Must do: Great Keppel Island is home to 16 snorkelling beaches; don your flippers and goggles and explore the creatures of the ocean.

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