Think summertime is the only time to travel around Switzerland? Think again. Despite what you may think about travel in winter or the off-season, there is a lot to enjoy in Switzerland in the cooler months – even if you’re not a skier!

Fewer crowds

Pic by @jole_anne

While lots of people do travel to Switzerland during the winter months for the snowfields, you’ll find that that is exactly where they all are; at the snowfields, leaving the towns less crowded. This means you can explore popular Old Town Squares and marvel at the brightly painted facades, without people getting in the way of your photos!

Jungfrau becomes a winter wonderland!

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The highest point in Europe (which can be accessed via rail) becomes a wonderland during the winter, complete with ice sculptures, an ice tunnel, museum and much more! There are several restaurants at the top too, so you can cosy up inside and admire the snowy mountainous scenery.

All of Switzerland’s Alp-side towns become a true sight to behold

Pic by @zermatt.matterhorn

From Zermatt to Mt Pilatus; all of Switzerland’s mountain-side cities look like they’ve been plucked out of the pages of a fairytale during winter. Snow blankets the landscapes, and if you listen carefully, you can still hear the soft ring of cowbells floating through the crisp mountain air.

Accommodation deals are GOOD!

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As most summer travellers would know, finding decent accommodation as close to the city centre as possible can come with a pretty hefty price tag. However, during the winter seasons, accommodation can drop by up to 50%. Meaning, you can afford that 4* plus hotel, right in the city centre!

Food glorious food!

Pic by @sowgandhikakrishnan

If there’s any country that knows how to do comfort food and cosy cafes, it’s Switzerland. Being well-known for chocolate, it only makes sense that Swiss hot chocolates are to die for! Paired with a nice fireplace or cosy cafe and you’ve got a winning comfort combination!

If you’re after some cuisine to indulge in, winter is the traditional time of year to ear fondue. While you can find fondue throughout the whole country, the best fondue can be found in the medieval town of Gruyeres, the home of the cheeses that are often found in fondue!

Glaciers galore

Pic by @schweizandi

Despite beating a climate change-induced battle, Switzerland is home to some of Europe’s most spectacular glaciers. Stretching 26 kilometres, the Great Aletsch Glacier is the largest glacier in the Alps and in Europe.

Feel the atmosphere sparkle at a Christmas Market


If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Switzerland between late November – late December, you can’t go past one of the country’s atmospheric Christmas Markets. Some favourites include Montreux, Basel and Bern – all perfect for strolling along the cobblestone walkways, looking at the local artisanal goods, with a mulled wine in hand.

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