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Kakadu National Park
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Top 5 Highlights of the Top End 

In June, Nicole – part of our Marketing team – experienced our 11-day Top End & Central Australia Explorer with Cosmos.   I hadn’t toured through Australia before this, it was always overseas. However, the Northern Territory was on my never-ending bucket list, and I was always of the mindset of […]

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3 hidden gems in Eastern Canada you may not know of

Eastern Canada is such a diverse region with so much to offer travellers and locals alike. With its French roots in Québec to the maritime area in Newfoundland, you won’t fall short of experiencing a variety of cultures, tasty local cuisine and hidden gems.   Whilst most people may stick to more of the well-known places such as Toronto and Niagara Falls, we think there are […]

Perth, Australia
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7 Days In Western Australia

Western Australia is incredibly vast, diverse and is the largest state covering nearly one-third of the country! The state’s capital, Perth, is home to a vibrant beach, food and drink scene. But outside the city, you might just find yourself on beautiful white-sand beaches with only kangaroos or quokkas for company, or face-to-face with a […]