Author: Natalie King

Lake Garda
By Destination, Europe

How to spend a weekend in Lake Garda, Italy 

Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake, is an absolute must-visit when in the Northern region. While one of its famous (lake) sisters, Como, is well-known for the glitz, glam and celebrities, Lake Garda has a much more laidback vibe to it. Dotted with charming towns and villages around its circumference, with vineyards and mountainous […]

River Cruise

What to expect when sailing on the Douro River 

Lazily snaking its way through lush, green landscapes is the iconic Douro River. These lands are home to centuries-old vineyards, towns and villages that have played an integral part in Portugal’s history. In particular, the Douro Valley is highly regarded as a wine region. Read on for what to expect […]