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The best places to see the sunrise and sunset

Is there anything more magical than watching the sunrise over a city skyline or slip beneath the sea? We think that everyday is a good day to spend time chasing sunrises and sunsets in unfamiliar places. Watch the light illuminate the world around you, or cast a red hue on […]

Lake Louise
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The Ultimate Guide to Western Canada

Western Canada; one of the most beautiful places in the world. This part of Canada is home to the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta as well as the Canadian Rockies and you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere more impressive. In our “Ultimate guide to Western Canada,” we’ll tell […]

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6 Sites to see on Iceland’s Southern Coast

Iceland is a country known for its extreme beauty and natural wonders; glaciers, active volcanoes, black-sand beaches, geothermal lagoons and majestic waterfalls. Many of these sites lie along the Southern Coast of the country, between Reykjavik and the region surrounding Vatnajökull Glacier. While there are countless sites to explore in […]

Lake Agnes Banff Guide Canadian National Park
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Our Guide to Canadian National Parks

Our Guide to Canadian National Parks Canada is home to over 40 national parks and national park reserves, each with their own geological wonders and serene landscapes. With so much natural beauty to explore, from impressive glacial lakes to glorious mountain peaks and winding trails – where do you start? […]

Iguazu falls national park, South America
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8 breathtaking national parks for wilderness lovers

8 breathtaking national parks for wilderness lovers If you want to swap the urban jungle for the real jungle… these eight national parks are a great place to start.     Everglades National Park, Florida USA   Area: 1.5 million acres Average annual visitors: 997,903 The Everglades is considered South […]